Former Employee Password Reset Request

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The purpose of this page is to enable former OHSU employees to reactivate their OHSU iRecruitment account so they may search and apply for OHSU jobs. If your former employment with OHSU ended prior to 2001, please go back to iRecruitment and register for an account instead of using this form.

Determining if you have an account

First, please make sure that you have an iRecruitment account using your preferred personal email address. If you do, skip down to "FILLING OUT THIS FORM". If you don't know if you have previously registered with your personal email address, you can test by doing the following:

  • Go to
  • Click "Search for Jobs" (it's a big blue button on the right side of the page)
  • Under "Is this your first time to our Job Site?", click "Register now"
  • Attempt to register, using your personal email address
    • If you get this message, then you have an account: "Error - Unable to create user with email [your email address here] as this email is already in use. Please enter a unique email." Please fill out the form below.
    • If you do not get that message and are instead prompted to upload a resume, please continue with the process by just filling in required information at this time (email, name, password and address -- you can omit uploading files until later). When you get to the final screen, click "Finish", and then fill out the form below.

Filling out this form

Please provide as much information as possible. This information is used exclusively to locate your electronic record and will not be used in any way in the recruiting and selection process.

We will e-mail you your password information within two business days. If you are using a spam blocker please ensure it will accept an e-mail response from OHSU. Please also watch your junk mail / spam mail folder for the response.

If you have questions regarding OHSU or the iRecruitment Electronic Recruiting and Application process, please read through our Frequestly Asked Questions pages.

What is your personal email address?

  • DON'T USE an OHSU email address
  • This will become your username for the OHSU iRecruitment system
  • Required field

(please double-check your spelling)

Current First Name

Current Middle Initial

Current Last Name

Name you were employed under, if different

Employee ID, if you remember

When were you last employed by OHSU?

What Department did you work in?

For confirmation purposes only, what are the last four digits of your social security number

  • Required field

Should we have questions, what is your phone number (please include area code)

Please provide any additional information you feel may be helpful to us in finding your old OHSU record

DO NOT apply for any jobs until you hear back from us regarding this form (approximately two business days). Please be sure to check your junk/spam email folders.