Fundraise for OHSU

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Are you interested in organizing a fundraiser to benefit an OHSU program? Events can be a fun, creative and effective way to raise awareness of and provide valuable financial contributions to OHSU and its mission.

Let's get started

Step 1. Choose the best type of fundraiser for you —one that fits the size, strengths, and interests of you and your group. Remember, an event that is fun to plan and carry out and enjoyable for all is more likely to succeed. Want event ideas?

Step 2. Review our OHSU fundraising guidelines

Step 3. Submit your proposal for approval.

Step 4. Now the fun of designing, organizing and holding an event truly begins. 

Thank you in advance for your efforts and your support. We look forward to working with you.

Create a personal fundraising page

Run, walk, bike or hike to benefit OHSU programs! If you participate in races, rides and runs, gather sponsors and raise funds. Use your everyday passions or hobbies as a way to support OHSU through your network of friends and family. Get started