Flow cytometry core fee structure

Activity Description Hourly rate
RJH-Symphony 19-color analyzer: 355, 405, 488, 561 and 628 nm lasers $65 / $60 after hours*
KCRB-Fortessa 15-color analysis $65 / $60 after hours*
RJH-LSR II 8-color analysis $55 / $50 after hours*
RJH-Canto II 7-color analysis w/ near UV $55 / $50 after hours*
KCRB-MACSQuant 7-color, 96-well analysis $55 / $50 after hours*
Aria/InFlux sorting** Cell sorting with operator $75 instrument + $50 assistance = $125**
CyTOF analysis 40+ marker analysis mass cytometer $90
Luminex*** Protein analysis $250 first plate, $200 subsequent plates***
AutoMACS Pro separation Magnetic cell enrichment $50 per separation
Analyzer assistance Additional Fee for operator assistance $50
Training Analyzer training (2 hrs) 2 hrs instrument +2 hrs assistance
FCS Express software Annual License per computer $320 per computer
Flow Jo software Annual License per computer $320 per computer
Vi-CELL Cell counter/Viability Free
Workstation Data analysis on FCSR Workstation Computers (RJH and KCRB) Free

* After hours discount is applied to this instrument between 5pm and 9am.
** A $75 set up fee is applied to each sort appointment for set up, alignment and sterilization.
*** After hours discount is $230 first plate, $180 subsequent plates.

Cancellation policy

Instruments by the hour are reserved using the iLab online scheduling system. To gain access to iLab, please contact Bri or Sara. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis and must include an active alias. Resource users may cancel any time prior to a reservation. However, cancellations within 24 hours prior to reservation will be charged $20 per hour reserved (instrument and operator).  Sorting reservations are final once the scheduler receives e-mail confirmation from the requested assistant.