Diversity and Inclusion at OHSU and in the Department

We’re proud to say that our program has one of the highest rates of gender representation in the country.  We understand that there is more to diversity and inclusion than just gender representation and are working with the institution and department members to develop programs and momentum around making further changes, take a look below for a summary of some of our initiatives.

The Graduate Medical Education office at OHSU is hosting a Virtual Diversity Open House which is TBD. If you are interested in attending then please reach out to hosanna@ohsu.edu or gme@ohsu.edu for details and calendar invitation. 

Gender Representation

Our program continues to focus on creating gender parity in the field of Otolaryngology.  We accomplished this goal within our resident cohorts and will continue to focus on recruitment of all genders.  After matching with us our residents have access to mentoring opportunities within our department and institution with resource groups for women, trans, gender non-binary and gender non-conforming residents and faculty available at the institutional level.

Otolaryngology Diversity & Anti-racism Committee

Otolaryngology Residents at a Black Lives Matter Protest
Residents joining the Black Lives Matter Protest

The goal of this project is to develop a multi-faceted approach to becoming a truly anti-racist department which aligns with OHSU’s priority to do the same.   While still in the beginning stages this project will look at developing effective educational content for the department, have quarterly guest speakers on the impact of racism in medicine, develop a review process for faculty and resident appointments using a social justice lens, develop/identify funding opportunities for underrepresented populations to do away-rotations and research internships within the department, conduct outreach aimed at underrepresented minorities in medicine at the medical school, undergraduate, and high school level, and conduct staff outreach and advocacy.  The project involves staff, faculty, and residents and strives to be an example of the kind of change we wish to see in the field.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

We’re proud to have an active Center for Diversity and Inclusion at OHSU, take a look at their website for more information.

GME diversity and inclusion inititatives

The Graduate Medical Education Office at OHSU is an active participant in the goal of bringing underrepresented minorities in medicine into the resident population and has many initiatives to support this.  These initiatives include a second look program for interested applicants, funding opportunities for away rotations at OHSU, open houses on diversity at OHSU and much more.  Check out their site for more information.