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Provost Faculty Development Grants


Funding Available March 2020 for OHSU Faculty

For a busy faculty member, it can be difficult to chart your own leadership development. With this in mind, the Provost Office has a systematic process for faculty leadership training at OHSU.  The goal of these grants is to sustain and improve faculty engagement in continuous learning and development opportunities. The grants will support participation in leadership and professional development locally, regionally and nationally. 

Proposals will be reviewed on the applicant's personal plan for professional development, the applicant's actual or potential impact on mentoring and leadership of faculty at OHSU, and the applicant’s potential to advance core competencies of OHSU leaders (for example: seeking solutions, collaborating, using emotional intelligence, inclusion, teamwork, caring for the wellbeing of your team, and putting people first).

  • Maximum of one $5000 grant per candidate each academic year.
  • Candidates may apply, or be referred, for grants to help fund courses for their development pathway.

For ideas on courses, seminars, workshops, and other opportunities that may be grant eligible, you can refer to the Provost's Leadership Development Asset Map

The Provost Grant Committee

The Office of the Provost grant committee is led by Dr. Elena Andresen, Ph.D., Provost and Executive Vice President and Dr. David W. Robinson, Ph.D., Executive Vice Provost.

April 2019

Previous Provost Grant Awardees Include (top left to bottom right): Sylvia Amaya-Pajares, Samyia Fatima Chaundhry, Sylvia Nelsen, Carrie Bailey, Sarah Drummond-Hays, Bryan Tervo, Despoina Bompolaki, Jeffery Jones, Danielle Wingrove.