Education at OHSU

Collaborative Partnerships

Community Research Coalitions

The OCTRI Community Research Hub has adopted an innovative approach to build capacity for community engaged research across the state of Oregon through the support and dissemination of the role of Community Research Liaisons, and the development of regional Research Coalitions.  Community Research Liaisons live and work in their communities side by side with community leaders and health and wellness stakeholders to improve health in the region.

I-CAN Innovation Incubator Project

The Interprofessional Care Access Network spans academic departments and courses to bring together students who are performing existing community/clinic rotations as part of their curriculum. Students from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health, and the College of Pharmacy form interprofessional teams to help individuals and families in underserved communities address barriers to health-related to social determinants of health. (Klamath Falls)

Knight Scholars

The new Knight Scholars internship program combines mentoring, community-based projects addressing cancer needs, and the chance to spend six-weeks doing cancer research at OHSU. It’s open to ninth and 10th grade applicants from Culver, Klamath Falls, Madras, Woodburn and Portland’s Jefferson High School.

On-Track OHSU!

Created in 2013, On Track OHSU! works with Oregon middle and high schools to increase the number of students from underrepresented minority background in the health sciences and in Oregon's biomedical workforce.

Student volunteers from OHSU and other Oregon universities serve as role models and work to increase students' engagement in the sciences.

OHSU faculty and staff also volunteer to provide On Track OHSU! students an authentic view of health science degrees and careers.

On Track OHSU! has a long term commitment to its students - we begin working with students in middle school and continue mentoring and empowering students through high school and college.


Currently On Track OHSU! partners with schools in the following Oregon counties:

  • Multnomah
  • Jefferson
  • Marion
  • Klamath

Interested in learning more? Send On Track! an email or visit the On Track! Facebook page!

Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN)

ORPRN's mission is to improve health outcomes and equity for all Oregonians through community partnered dialogue, research, coaching, and education.

Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative

SHOI provides loan forgiveness options to eligible students interested in unique opportunities to help address health care disparity in the state.