About the Stress, Cognition, Affect, and Neuroimaging (SCAN) Lab

SCAN Lab researcher studying imaging of the brain

We are a brain imaging lab that employs functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to understand how cognitive and affective brain processes are affected across the lifespan in individuals with a history of stressful life events, including abuse and maltreatment. In particular, we focus on examining processes relevant to cognitive control (executive function) and emotion regulation at period of heightened neuroplasticity and role transition, such as adolescence and postpartum. We are also interested in how cognitive and affective brain processes are affected in individuals at-risk for psychopathology or with a history of psychopathology. Not only do we focus on these brain processes at a more basic level, we are also engaged in translational treatment studies focused on examining neurobiological mechanisms of action of evidence-based treatments, especially mindfulness-based therapy, in reducing mood symptoms and stress responding.