Resident Testimonials: "Why I Chose OHSU"

Group photo of the 2019 Resident Group

"I felt like this program recognized and promoted pediatrics not just as a specialty, but as a vocation and a privilege. Where knowing how to be at your best with every patient is not a goal, but a responsibility."

"I was looking for a program that prioritized education, compassion, and fun - all of which I found here. The faculty members are dedicated to resident education. The program leadership is eager to work with residents to make the program the best for all. And my co-residents are incredible, hard-working, and a great support. Additionally, I wanted to live in a place where I could do something outside and fun when I had days off - Portland is definitely full of many options!"

"The people. Most any residency will give to you what you put into it and the rankings are but a poor way to compare them. The people, however, are what stood out to me at OHSU. Some of the most caring, thoughtful, hardworking, fun, collaborative, and inspiring people I know. We are truly a family, and I could think of no better group with which to spend some of the most formative years of my professional life."

"Portland is an amazing mecca of all things food, drink, art, entertainment and outdoorsy fun. Even if I only have 1 day off in a weekend, it's incredible how rejuvenating a day trip to the coast, a hike in the gorge, a tax-free shopping spree, or a happy hour at a local brewery can be."

"Finding a research project to be passionate about has been so easy at OHSU. Faculty are excited and eager to take on residents and mentor them. In just 2 years I already published and presented my research in neonatal resuscitation and submitted a neurology case report for publication which is currently under review. There is tremendous support from faculty and staff to help navigate academic medicine and achieve your scholarly goals!”

"I cannot imagine a more supportive environment. I have been amazed at how smart and dedicated the faculty and residents are here, yet everyone is so approachable and encouraging. Overall, the program really advocates for residents."

"I knew I had to be in Portland after driving up Terwilliger on the day of my interview and catching a picture-perfect view of Mt. Hood. I love how balanced our program is - giving us time for education, research, and advocacy. We have wonderful faculty mentors that help us reach our goals."

"I love the size of the program -- big enough to provide exposure to a wide variety of patients and pathology, and faculty members who have diverse interests, but small enough to provide a sense of community and allow you to really get to know your co-residents, attendings, and support staff."

"Coming from the East Coast (and actually never having even been to the West Coast until interview season), Mount Hood literally stopped me in my tracks in the middle of the street the first time I saw it -- Oregon is definitely a pretty state."

"Absolutely love the 3 week schedule"

"I have felt incredibly supported by the program leadership, senior residents, and fellow interns. The program leadership takes the time to hear about our individual experiences and quickly adapts to resident concerns. Attendings are approachable and supportive of resident autonomy."

"It felt like home."

"Portland is an amazing place to live. The people are genuine, progressive, and community oriented. OHSU is an extension of that. Relationships between providers, patients, and families are at the center of the work we do here. There is no other place I would rather live, raise a family, and work."

"I chose OHSU because of the unique culture I discovered while here on an away rotation. It is a collegial and friendly learning environment but with the high expectations that come naturally from working with such exceptional people."

“The global health opportunities were extremely appealing to me. Particularly the rotation in Laos, where you get to be a teacher and participate in hands-on medicine and education. It really seems to take the experience a step further and is unparalleled to any other global health experience I have heard of.”

"OHSU stood out as a program that values its residents and offers diverse educational opportunities and countless ways to have fun in the greater Portland area."

"The program has everything I need to learn and pursue my dreams of subspecialty, but it's the people that care so much about us that has made me so grateful to have matched here."

"Size: I love the true-medium size of this program. Doernbecher has a great reputation as a prestigious tertiary medical center with an extensive referral area, yet maintains a close-knit, welcoming atmosphere. I feel like I have already developed lifelong friends within the program, as well as strong working relationships with fellows, attendings, and residents."

"OHSU has a spectacular community atmosphere! Faculty and attending physicians practice great care with humility and approachability while advancing resident learning and development. My co-workers are friends, wonderful teachers and examples I strive to emulate"

“As soon as I became interested in doing research during residency, I discovered several interesting projects and was invited to participate. I think that there are opportunities for any interest, and flexible options that can work with a busy schedule. Faculty mentors are approachable, extremely helpful and experienced, understanding of the resident schedule, and brilliant!”