Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Mission statement

The mission of the OHSU Pediatric Residency Training Program is to develop exceptional pediatricians with the knowledge and skills to pursue their desired future as a generalist or subspecialist, in an academic or community setting.


To accomplish our mission, the residency program leadership and residents have worked together to create the principles and beliefs that form the core of our residency culture. These values govern the manner in which we do all business and will not be compromised. 

  1. Education in a diverse, inclusive, and safe learning environment: We aim to be a program diverse in people and ideas, striving to promote collaboration and cultural competency. 
  2. Leadership and graduated autonomy: Residents and residency leadership engage and embrace leadership roles throughout the University and beyond in regards to patient care, program development, and overall system change. We train residents to be independent decision makers and become leaders in the field of pediatrics.
  3. Physician wellness and residency community: The residency program is a second home for our trainees. We create an environment for residents to feel a sense of family and community, and we support residents and their families in maintaining their own personal health and well-being.
  4. Collegiality and approachability: We are committed to a training environment that promotes collegiality and approachability among faculty and residents to allow for trust building among all.  Resident opinions and decisions are expected and valued amongst the teams in both the patient care and conference environments. 
  5. Advocacy: Advocacy for children, young adults, and families is cornerstone to pediatric practice. We strive to reduce health care disparities by preparing residents to advocate for these groups locally, regionally and nationally and wherever their practices and professional passions take them next.