Liam's $6 Club

Liam Jaussi at a Doernbecher benefit event in 2010

In 2010, Liam was just a typical 5-year old kid who rode his bike and played outside, but that all changed in May. He started waking up at two in the morning for no reason. He had no appetite. When his parents noticed that the left side of Liam’s face was drooping, they knew something was wrong. A CT scan revealed a large mass on the right side of his brain.

They immediately took him to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital where, over the next five days, surgeons performed two surgeries totaling over 17 hours to remove the tumor. Within weeks he was back to full strength, riding his bike, and still the Liam they know and love. After that, the brave little boy underwent 33 treatments of radiation without sedation.

Now, Doernbecher has a whole new meaning for Liam's family. Liam is living proof of the good that Doernbecher does. "We walked out of the hospital with the same hopes and dreams that we had going in," says Liam's mom, Laura. Liam’s battle continues, but so does his courage and compassion.

As of 2018 Liam's $6 Club has raised over $55,000!

How it all began

Liam's $6 Club started in November 2010, when Liam's parents told him that people were donating money at the Heart of Doernbecher auction to help children at “his hospital.” He ran to his bedroom and returned with his piggy bank, saying “I’m six years old, and I want to give six dollars.” At the November event, amid donations of thousands of dollars, Liam brought his own contribution from his piggy bank.

In honor of Liam’s inspiring donation at the auction, the Doernbecher Foundation started Liam’s $6 Club. Since then, hundreds of children and families have gotten involved, including Liam's community at Edy Ridge Elementary. We invite you to join Liam’s $6 Club by giving $6, $60, $600 or more. Please make a gift today and help kids like Liam.