Funding Priorities

At Doernbecher, healing children today while working toward tomorrow's cures is one reason we're recognized among the nation's best children's hospitals. Here are the essential areas in which your gift can make a vital impact right now. To read more about our fundraising goals for pediatrics, visit the campaign website

Area of greatest need

Mom hugs a child on the beach

The biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities do not always happen according to schedule. Gifts to our Area of Greatest Need fund provide Doernbecher’s leaders with the flexibility to allocate resources where and when they are needed most. Learn about how your gift helps kids at


Pediatric neurobiology researchers meet in their lab at OHSU

OHSU Doernbecher and the department of pediatrics have a deep bench of physician scientists focused on childhood cancers, brain disorders, infection and immunity, lung health, diabetes, autism and much more. You can help.

Endowed funds

OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital

The Doernbecher Foundation is working to increase the endowment for the Department of Pediatrics. Endowed funds are critically important to attracting and retaining the most talented people and supporting Doernbecher's programs. Your endowed support can help provide vital and long-lasting funding to the hospital. Learn more.