Endowed Funds

OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Endowed funds are critically important to OHSU Doernbecher's goals of attracting and retaining the most talented people and supporting the types of programs that exemplify our mission. A large endowment is what sets apart the biggest academic powerhouses and gives them the foundation they need to do the best work. When you create an endowed professorship, scholarship or other endowed fund, your investment in Doernbecher will continue to support the hospital in perpetuity.

The Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation is working to increase endowed support for the Department of Pediatrics. We need your help.

What is an endowed fund?

An endowed fund is a permanent fund established for a specific purpose by a donor. The assets of the fund are invested to provide earnings that are paid annually in perpetuity to benefit a Doernbecher program. Each year any remaining income, beyond the annual spending distribution to Doernbecher, is invested to preserve and grow the original gift to sustain a legacy for future generations. 

Establishing an endowed fund

The OHSU and Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundations have designated the following guidelines for establishing endowment funds. These can be provided through current gifts or through planned gifts. Read about the endowment fund types at OnwardOHSU.org