Searching in OHSU Digital Commons: Omeka

Keyword Searching

  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • Searches with multiple terms will retrieve items containing any of the words entered.  For example, a search for surgical instruments retrieves items containing any of the entered words.
  • To search by an exact phrase, such as “surgical instruments”, use the drop down options in the Narrow by Specific Fields Box.  
    • Select the type of information to search, such as the title or subject.  The fields are listed in alphabetical order.
    • Select “contains” or “is exactly” from the second drop down menu.
  • To search for different variations of a word, you can use a truncation.  Simply type the root string into the search box.  No symbols are needed to indicate truncation.  For example, using gyn will retrieve items containing the words gynecology, gynecological, and gynecologic.   

Personal Names

  • Searching names in direct order (Esther Pohl Lovejoy) or inverted order (Lovejoy, Esther Pohl) will retrieve the same search results.
  • For the most complete search results, search by first name, last name, and first and last name (Example:  Esther OR Esther Pohl Lovejoy OR Lovejoy, Esther Pohl).

Filter by Format

  • The large majority of items in Omeka are still images, but the repository does contain a modest number of moving images.  
  • Select “moving image” from from the drop down menu in the Search by Type box to narrow your search to moving images.

 Searching for Items Related to OHSU

  • The name of the University and its structure have changed many times.  For help searching for materials related to a specific time period, please consult the OHSU history timeline:

Search Results

  • By default, search results are organized by relevancy.
  • Results can be sorted by title, creator, and date added.
  • Creator refers to the person or organization responsible for the object, similar to author.