Research at OHSU

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Research and Innovation 

As the state’s only academic health center, OHSU’s breakthrough research leads to new cures, new standards of care, and a better understanding of the basic science that drives biomedical discovery. 

Research news and events

School of Medicine departments, centers and institutes 

The OHSU School of Medicine is a vibrant community of educators, students, scientists, clinician and others working side-by-side to heal, teach, discover and serve.

OHSU Experts 

Find out who does what at OHSU. Identify researcher expertise, connections and funding.

​​​​​​​Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute

The Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) assists in translating biomedical advances into treatments.

Research core services

The research core services exist in order to facilitate research projects. They provide quality technical assistance from highly trained individuals for specialized and widely utilized scientific procedures.

Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology

The Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) provides research, education and service in the areas of clinical informatics, clinical epidemiology and bioinformatics/computational biomedicine.

Emergency medicine

Innovate, Disruptive, Emerging Applications for Emergency Medicine (IDEA-EM). Innovate with us, we believe that some of the best opportunities to improve patient outcomes comes through bi-directional industry partnerships.

Knight Cardiovascular Institute 

The Knight Cardiovascular Institute is changing the course of cardiovascular disease toward cardiovascular health.

Oregon National Primate Research Center

The Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) is one of seven National Primate Centers supported by the NIH. They support translational research and provide expertise in non-human primate models.

Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute

The Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute develops research and teaching programs to respond to infectious disease threats, including AIDS, chronic viral infection-associated diseases, newly emerging diseases and infectious diseases of the elderly.

Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center

The Knight Cancer Institute’s Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR) is researching new methods to detect and eliminate cancer early.

Precision Oncology-SMMART program 

SMMART (Serial Measurements of Molecular and Architectural Responses to Therapy) is the flagship project of the Knight Cancer Institute’s new Precision Oncology program.

The Vollum Institute 

The Vollum Institute is dedicated to basic research that will lead to new treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Vollum scientists have broad ranging interests that coalesce around molecular neurobiology and cellular physiology.