CME Casey Clinical Care Conference (4C)

"Surgery Scheduling Miscommunication: From the Blunt to the Sharp End"

January 24, 2020
7 a.m. to 8 a.m.
515 SW Campus Drive
Portland, Oregon 97239
Macdonald Auditorium
Contact Information

45.4988997, -122.6834115

Conference details

This is a quarterly case-based conference to incorporate quality improvement and patient safety into the continuing medical education program offered at Casey. 

Presenter: Andreas Lauer, MD & Aiyin Chen, MD

Title: "Surgery Scheduling Miscommunication: From the Blunt to the Sharp End "

Summary: Cases of incorrect intraocular lens placement during cataract surgery are presented.  Some of the decision points that determine correct IOL implantation or correct site surgery will be discussed.  The consequences to patients and surgeons will be discussed.  

Conference format

At each conference, a case will be presented by the team involved in the case. The objective is to improve the system to prevent misses or near misses in the future. That team will then give a brief update at the next conference on any improvements or changes that were made. 

Target audience

All clinic and OR surgery schedulers, surgeons, managers, residents and fellows are strongly encourages attend.

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to:

Promote a culture of patient and employee safety
Identify gaps in quality contributing to adverse outcomes 
Identify strategies to close gaps 
Participate in root cause analysis, demonstrating an ability to review an adverse event and recommend an action plan