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We are proud to present Innovations, a publication describing some of the discoveries, innovations and advancements occurring in ophthalmology research and clinical care at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. At Casey, our programs have regional and national prominence. We are utilizing the power of world-class facilities to identify and treat the most complicated eye diseases, and we are leveraging the power of telemedicine to extend highly subspecialized care to patients across our region.

This publication highlights just a few of our programs that make OHSU Casey Eye Institute a leader in ophthalmic care. We are excited to be part of this transformative time in providing care.

Advancing surgery: Fine-tuning corneal procedures

DETECT cornea surgery include images of the front of the eye

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is setting a new standard in Level I evidence in corneal procedures and reducing subjectivity from treatment decisions. By embedding clinical research in patient care, OHSU Casey Eye Institute works to improve quality of life for patients. Read more about advancing surgery in corneal procedures.

Data-driven medicine: Leading in artificial intelligence applications

An artificial intelligence app created to diagnose a common blinding eye disease in preemies

Can artificial intelligence detect eye disease? An artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Casey researchers recently received breakthrough device status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This technology can detect a potentially blinding eye disease in preemie babies better than most experts. Learn more about AI in ophthalmology.

Inside the lab: Accelerating scientific research in retinal disease

Researchers are able to learn about inherited retinal diseases by watching monkeys

The discovery of naturally occurring retinal degeneration due to a BBS7 gene mutation in three rhesus macaques offers the first opportunity to study an inherited photoreceptor degeneration in a nonhuman primate model. The macaques are part of a colony at the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU. Read more about retinal disease research at Casey.

Impacting the field

The Eye Love Project is an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of vision and the wonder of sight.

Casey Eye Institute is working to end preventable blindness in Oregon and beyond by offering programs such as The Eye Love Project, expanding into a new facility and improving the resident education program. Learn more about what we are doing in 2020 to impact the field of ophthalmology and eye health in our state.

Letter from Leadership

From right to left Drs. Chiang, Wilson and Lauer

In the iconic year 2020, when we celebrate our department's 75th anniversary, we will advance the theme of improving Oregon's visual health through two ambitious projects: The Eye Love Project and the new Elks Children’s Eye Clinic building. Read the full letter.

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