Casey Innovations


We are proud to present Innovations, a publication describing some of the discoveries, innovations and advancements occurring in ophthalmology research and clinical care at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. At Casey, our programs have regional and national prominence. We are utilizing the power of world-class facilities to identify and treat the most complicated eye diseases, and we are leveraging the power of telemedicine to extend highly subspecialized care to patients across our region.

This publication highlights just a few of our programs that make OHSU Casey Eye Institute a leader in ophthalmic care. We are excited to be part of this transformative time in providing care.

Advancing surgery in gene therapy

Surgeon watching on the screen while gene therapy is performed.

Children born with inherited retinal dystrophies typically face a lifetime of diminishing vision and eventual blindness. But a new gene therapy - the first FDA-approved treatment for a genetic disorder - is revolutionizing our ability to preserve eyesight and improve quality of life in those affected. OHSU Casey Eye Institute was one of the first institutions in the U.S. to administer this sight-saving treatment, an accomplishment made possible because of its longstanding expertise in the field of ophthalmic genetics. Read more about advancing surgery in gene therapy.

Data-driven medicine and informatics

Black and white image of blood vessels in the eye taken with technology developed at Casey

21st century technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and OHSU Casey Eye Institute has emerged as a leader in the invention of AI, telemedicine and data analytics and their integration into ophthalmology. Read more about Casey's work in data-driven medicine. 

Inside the lab with OCTA

Image of retinal neovascularization taken with OCTA technology at Casey.

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive imaging technology that offers unprecedented views of the inner eye and the ability to diagnose and manage eye disease in its earliest stages. Read more about OCT research at Casey.

Letter from Leadership

From right to left Drs. Chiang, Wilson and Lauer

See the what Casey is doing to eliminate preventable blindness and improve quality of life through leadership in the art, science and technology of 21st century eye care. Read more.