Refer a Parkinson's Patient for DBS

The OHSU Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program team offers quick referrals and easy access for patients with Parkinson’s who may benefit from DBS.  Learn which patients may qualify.

DBS referral process

If the patient may be a DBS candidate, you or your referral coordinator will talk with our patient access specialist. Please have the following information available:

  • Chart and most relevant progress notes (including those from previous neurologists) from the last six months of care, documenting the need for evaluation by a neurologist or neurological surgeon.
  • All available brain imaging studies (MRI, X-ray, CT, angiogram, PET) – sent electronically, if possible.
  • All available EEG or EMG results.
  • Reports of any abnormal findings on neurological examination.

All patients meet with an OHSU neurologist and neurosurgeon to evaluate candidacy for DBS.

If your patient is not a DBS candidate, we will contact you after this initial consultation. If the patient does qualify for DBS, or the initial neurology consult is bypassed with direct referral to neurological surgery, patients will have an initial neurosurgery consultation. Often, patients then proceed to a complete multidisciplinary evaluation, including meeting with a physical therapist and neuropsychologist to ensure candidacy. Patients may have DBS within approximately three months from your initial call.

How we communicate with you

On completion of your patient’s initial neurology consultation, multidisciplinary evaluation and surgery, you will receive a letter summarizing the visit. OHSU will also call to discuss the results.