Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

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Two year training in neuro-oncological disorders and neurological complications of cancer

Educational program


The OHSU Department of Neurology offers a two year UCNS certified neuro-oncology fellowship program. This multidisciplinary fellowship is principally designed to provide fellowship training for eligible candidates who have completed residencies in neurology or neurosurgery, and qualify to sit for their respective board certifications. We will also consider applicants who have completed training in medical oncology, pediatric oncology, or radiation oncology on a case by case basis.

The first year of our fellowship focuses on providing hands-on training in the diagnosis and management of patients with neuro-oncological disorders and neurological complications of cancer. This includes supervised training in prescribing chemotherapies and other emerging modalities including immunotherapies and management of their toxicities. Fellows will have supervised neuro-oncology continuity clinics two days per week throughout the duration of their fellowship. This will be in addition inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations in neurosurgery, neuro-radiology, radiation medicine, palliative care and hematology-oncology to fulfill UCNS certification requirements. Qualified candidates may have opportunities to get training in angiography techniques necessary to safely perform osmotic-blood brain barrier disruption. All graduates of the program are expected to take the certification examination at the completion of the program.


Fellows will be assigned to research mentors and are encouraged to pursue their research interests concurrent with their clinical training year. They will be co-investigators and participate in all aspects of clinical trials conducted in the program. The second year of dedicated training will focus on clinical research in neuro-oncology with opportunities and access to the laboratories associated with the neuro-oncology and blood-brain barrier program. Additional training opportunities through the OHSU School of Medicine, Human Investigations Program may be considered. Fellows are expected to present abstracts at national meetings and submit manuscripts regularly every year.

Participant’s supervisory and patient care responsibilities

Fellowship participants are under the direct supervision of Dr. Prakash Ambady for all aspects of the practice, including outpatient clinical assessments and surgical procedures. Fellows are expected to take on primary patient care responsibilities for all patients in Dr. Ambady’s neuro-oncology service. Other duties include inpatient management, two days of continuity clinic, at-home call, and time spent on clinical rotations required for eligibility to sit for UCNS certification. 


Prakash Ambady, M.D.

Application Process

We are accepting applications through the SF Match for fellowship starting in 2021. We also have an opening for a 2020 start date; the application materials outlined below can be submitted directly to the fellowship coordinator.

To apply to the 2020 position, please submit:

Additionally, please arrange for the submission of the following:

  • Medical School Performance Evaluation (Dean’s Letter)
  • Medical School Transcript
  • Up to four letters of recommendation (including one from your residency program director)
  • USMLE/COMLEX scores

If applicable:

  • ECFMG certificate
  • Provide explanation for gaps in training

Please submit completed application packets electronically to:
Emily Gaudin, Education Coordinator at