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Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI)

The Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative (SHOI) was established by the Oregon legislative Assembly to address two critical challenges in education health providers:the high cost of tuition and the regional disparity of providers across the state. SHOI provides funding to cover tuition and fees for a limited number of eligible students entering specific clinical degree programs. Funding recipients agree to practice as a health care practitioner in an approved designated service site in Oregon for one year longer than the number of years for which the student received funding.

Scholars for a Health Oregon Naturopathic Physician Initiative (SHONPO)

The funds for Scholars for a Healthy Oregon (SHONPO) were made available by the Oregon Legislature and the Oregon Health Authority in 2017.  The intent is to provide scholarships to students who will provide care in underserved areas of Oregon as determined by the Oregon Health Authority.

The scholarships are available to Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine students making a commitment to serve Oregon’s communities in high need of primary care.



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