Instruments on Marquam Hill

The ALM Core has a number of different imaging setups that each excel at different applications. Below is an overview of instruments located on Marquam Hill in LBRB (see About for more location information).

Laser-Scanning Confocals

Our laser-scanning confocal microscopes are equipped with highly corrected objectives with high-numerical apertures for optimal multi-color imaging and optical sectioning.

Spinning Disk Confocal

Spinning disk confocal microscopy outperforms laser-scanning microscopy for live-cell imaging. These setups accept mutli-well plates for image-based screening assays.

High Resolution Widefield

Deconvolution excels over confocal microscopy for thin, sparsely labeled specimens. 

Our most economical solution for imaging fluorescence and colorimetric stains.

Super-Resolution Microscopy

Structured illumination-based and Airyscan super-resolution microscopy are very accessible super-resolution technologies. One of our setups is also equipped for single-molecule localization techniques, such as PALM and STORM.

Multi-Photon Microscope

  • Zeiss LSM 7MP on upright imaging stand

This setup is built for imaging intravitally in live rodents.

Incubator Microscope

  • Essen Biosciences IncuCyte ZOOM

Imaging device inside a tissue-culture incubator to follow cell growth and differentiation over days or quantify cell migration, angiogenesis and neurite outgrowth over time.

Image Analysis and Presentation

We have several high-end workstations with image analysis and processing software suites to analyze and present your multi-dimensional data.