Startup Investment Program

Most startups face the daunting task of finding funding. In some cases the pursuit of funding can result in investor relationships which draw the company out of Oregon. The Startup Investment Program provides early-stage seed funding to grow and retain new companies based on OHSU technologies.      

  • OHSU can co-invest up to a maximum of $250,000 in an OHSU-based startup, provided that there is at least a 3:1 match. The funds can be committed but will only be made available based on the above ratio and pending completion of an agreement with TTBD. 
  • The company must commit to stay in Oregon for a prescribed period of time.  
  • Due diligence will be performed by independent, third-party investors and provided to OHSU for evaluation of the investment opportunity.     
  • Investment evaluation will be made to the Advisory Committee or appropriate subcommittee with    recommendations provided to the Vice President for Research for final decision.