Bioscience Innovation Program (BSIP)

Overview of the Program

The Bioscience Innovation Program (BSIP) provides proof of concept funding for commercially promising inventions. Through this funding, OHSU investigators are able to develop and complete additional research to advance those inventions towards commercialization. BSIP awards fill a critical gap in the funding of technologies that do not qualify for traditional federal funding, yet are deemed too early for corporate partnership. As such, the intent of BSIP awards is to advance the research to the point where the technology can be either licensed to a company or become the basis for an Oregon-based start-up company.

BSIP was created by Oregon Health & Science University and the OHSU Foundation. The program, managed by the Office of Technology Transfer and Business Development (TTBD), is part of the Innovation & Seed Fund (ISF) that supports commercialization of inventions created during the course of research at OHSU. Donations to the ISF are made under the new University Venture Development Fund (UVDF) tax credit program.