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What is MedTech Alliance?

OHSU's MedTech Alliance was founded by the Office of Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD) and the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI). This program connects investor, industry, and community collaborators with OHSU inventors and OHSU medical technologies. OHSU has many innovative medical technology inventions in the device and diagnostic spaces. Some of these inventions would benefit from additional resources and support before they can be commercialized. The MedTech Alliance provides a mechanism for potential investor, industry, and community collaborators to identify OHSU medical technologies, including early stage technologies, which have a realistic chance for commercialization. The goal of the MedTech Alliance is to initiate collaborations and advance OHSU technologies.



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Previous Events & Presenters

Fall 2016 Meeting (Sep. 14, 2016)  

MedTech 2016

  • Theodore Hobbs - Blood volume determination device 
  • David Spiro, MD, MPH - ReelDx, Inc.         
  • Greg Jones, PhD, MBA - First Ascent Biomedical, LLC.
  • Xiangshu Xiao, PhD - Novel lamin-binding ligands for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer     
  • To see more information about this event, please visit the Fall 2016 MedTech Alliance page.

Fall 2015 Meeting (Nov. 4, 2015)

Jit and Clyde Taylor

  • Michael Baker - Qview Health, Inc.  
  • David Huang, MD - GoBiquity Mobile Health, Inc.          
  • Clyde Taylor - OregonHeart, Inc.
  • Jan van Santen, PhD - Biospeech, Inc.     
  • To see more information about this event, please visit the Fall 2015 MedTech Alliance page.

Spring 2015 Meeting (May 6, 2015)

    Dan Dorsa

  • Andrew Chitty, MBA & Dorota Shortell, MSME - Accurate in-home collection of blood samples
  • Andras Gruber, MD - Antithrombotic drugs without bleeding side effects 
  • Carmem Pfeifer, DDS, PhD - New generation of dental composites
  • Neil Roundy, MD & Rachel Dreilinger - Bioabsorbable dural clips            
  • To see more information about this event, please visit the Spring 2015 MedTech Alliance page.

    Program Launch Event (Nov. 5, 2014) 

    Carmem Pfeifer     
  • Kim Burchiel, MD, FACS - Ceremod, Inc.
  • Paul Cordo, PhD - AMES Technology, Inc.
  • David Farrell, PhD - Gamma Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Bill Kelly, MBA - ReelDx, Inc.
  • Trevor Levin, PhD - UrologyDX, Inc.

  • To see more information about this event, please visit the MedTech Alliance Program Launch page.

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