Research Commercialization at OHSU

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I submit an invention disclosure?

Make a Difference
Your research could make a difference. No matter how early-stage you think your discovery might be, whether you question what makes an "inventor", TTBD can help you reach the next step in commercializing your research. The first step is submitting an invention disclosure form. The form is composed of a series of questions, which give you the opportunity to describe your invention, identify all the inventors, list the grants and publications used in developing your invention and provide you with the first chance to identify potential partners to move your discovery forward.

Submitting a disclosure can benefit you as a researcher in a number of other ways as well:

Career Advancement and Funding Opportunities
Academic institutions are identifying technology transfer as an increasingly important facet of their research units. Commercializing research can add another dimension to your career, potentially leading to future research projects, funding opportunities, royalty payments to you, your department and the university, not to mention adding value to your CV.

Federal and/or Sponsor Requirements
Many times the discoveries developed under federal grants, industry sponsored research agreements or other agreements have requirements to disclose that invention to the funding sponsor or provider. Check with your Technology Development Manager or call the main line at 503-494-8200 to speak with someone about disclosure requirements.

What happens after I submit a disclosure form?

Once you have filled out and submitted your invention disclosure form (either via email to, by fax to 4-4729 or by campus mail to L106TT)  you will receive a receipt confirmation email that details:

  • The additional information that is required for the form if it is not completely filled out.
  • The Technology ID that has been assigned to your discovery, for reference throughout the commercialization process.
  • The name and contact information of the Technology Development Manager that will be assessing your discovery and working with you on the next steps (Note: The Manager assigned to your technology is based upon that individual's area of expertise. You can view each Manager's information on our Staff Page.)

After an initial review of the discovery, you will be contacted by the assigned Manager to begin the commercialization process. From this point, you and the Manager will work to find the best path for your discovery, including filing for the appropriate intellectual property protection.

The commercialization pathways may include:

  • Finding a company partner to develop your technology and negotiating a license, 
  • Forming  a start-up company based around the research,
  • Identifying an industry partner for additional research; or 
  • The Manager may recommend additional research to be conducted in your laboratory.