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Intellectual Property Management Overview

TTBD is responsible for the following: assessing commercial potential of disclosed technologies and research; marketing the technology to industry; and negotiating and managing agreements for the commercialization of the technology.

The investigator is responsible for disclosing inventions and is an important partner in assessing and achieving the commercial value of the discovery.

Other TTBD activities related to IP include compliance and reporting to federal and non-federal sponsors of any intellectual property; compliance with the Bayh-Dole Act; providing reports of the inventions to the sponsor and distribution of income received from licensing activities according to institutional and federal guidelines.

TTBD also accepts intellectual property transferred to OHSU from other institutions; provides reports to the CoIR manager in ORIO (Integrity) to assist in identifying and managing conflict of interest issues; and, notifies the Vice President of Research on invention management activities.

The office also reviews, interprets and disseminates federal and institutional intellectual property and technology transfer policies; Interprets and implements OHSU policies related to corporate-sponsored contracts, intellectual property and technology transfer.

Visit the Intellectual Property Management FAQ page for additional information.


OHSU Intellectual Property and Royalty Policy

OHSU encourages creation of intellectual property by its employees and agents consistent with their employment or other role for the University. In its role as steward over the use of public resources, it seeks to prudently manage such property for the benefit of the public. In this policy, OHSU outlines the responsibilities, rights and privileges of employees and agents, while conserving University benefits which may flow from intellectual property development.

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