Industry Collaboration FAQ

What is a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA)?

A Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) is a contract between OHSU and a non-federal sponsor for the purposes of funding and conducting research at OHSU.

Sponsored Research Agreements typically include terms governing the following, scope of work, budget, payment obligations and timing, options to license any intellectual property arising from completion of the research, publication of results, and other important items to complete the research and/or contract.

The process for developing a SRA for a may be brief or lengthy, depending on the complexity of the program to be sponsored and what the sponsor expects to obtain for its support.

How long will it take to process my SRA?

The amount of time to process a sponsored research agreement, from the first proposal of an agreement to delivery of the completed agreement to the office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is highly variable. The variability is dependent on how quickly company representatives respond, how complex of an agreement the company requires, completion of OHSU regulatory requirements (i.e., IRB, IACUC, CoIR) and the current work load for the case manager for the sponsored research argreement.

Technology Development Managers in TTBD may be able to offer guidance that will avoid some delays if they are made aware of the potential for sponsored research at early stages of discussion between researchers and a company's representatives.

Why does a company have to pay the same indirects as the Federal Government?

The overhead expenses paid by indirect costs are the same, regardless of the funding mechanism. Indirect cost rates are calculated to pay for costs associated with doing research, but are not included in any specific research project – general administrative expenses, space costs, utilities, general office and computer supplies, etc. Given OHSU's goal of managing research efficiently so we can support a growing research program, we need to ensure full recovery of the real cost of doing research.

Allowing non-federal sponsors to pay indirect cost rates that are lower than those OHSU has negotiated for federally funded research creates a potential to jeopardize the amount of funding OHSU receives from federal grants.


How do I prepare a budget for a SRA?

Budgets for research projects sponsored by a company should be prepared in the same manner as a budget for a project funded by a federal grant. Budgets may vary based on the type of SRA agreement. Typically, guidance is available from your department's fiscal manager or by contacting the TTBD Technology Development Coordinator assigned to your SRA.