Our Mission

Our mission is to support OHSU research, technology commercialization, industry collaboration, entrepreneurialism and startup development to move research and innovation to the marketplace for public benefit. 


Our Office

The office of Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD) promotes the commercialization of OHSU technologies and intellectual property.

Our Roles:

• Assess the commercial potential of research and other collaborative ideas
• Protect OHSU's intellectual property
• Market technologies to industry
• Negotiate and manage commercialization agreements
• Negotiate and manage agreements for the transfer of research materials
• Assist OHSU in securing industry research collaborations
• Acquiring and distributing research resources
• Creating opportunities to bridge the gap between laboratory and commercial opportunities
• Developing external partnerships with industry
• Assisting in the launch of new companies based on OHSU intellectual property


TTBD Guide

The TTBD Guide

Do you have more questions about the TTBD office? Are you curious about what we do? View the Guide to Technology Transfer & Business Development at OHSU. This document serves as a roadmap for the OHSU community and outlines the services that TTBD has to offer.