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Dr. Nazemi has a particular interest in continued and further collaboration in clinical trials, both within the Children's Oncology Group and in smaller multi-institutional collaborative groups. This brings the frontier of treatment for brain tumors to patients in Oregon and allows them to be home in their own environment during their treatment course. Dr. Nazemi is the institutional Principal Investigator for multiple national clinical trials in brain tumor research. She also has an interest in the role that neuro-imaging has in treatment decisions, particularly with regards to radiographic impression of tumor progression vs. pseudoprogression.

Summary of Current Research

Special Interest:

Brain Tumors in Children and Adolescents.

Selected Publications

"Dual contrast perfusion MRI in a single imaging session for assessment of pediatric brain tumors," Journal of Neuro-Oncology (Vol: 109, Issue: 1, Page 105-114) - 2012

"Neuropsychological rehabilitation for survivors of childhood and adolescent brain tumors: A view of the past and a vision for a promising future," Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine (Vol: 4, Issue: 1, Page 37-46) - 2011

"Emergency Department Presentation of Childhood Cancer," Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America (Vol: 27, Issue: 3, Page 477-495) - 2009

"Proteoglycan interactions with Sonic Hedgehog specify mitogenic responses," Nature Neuroscience (Vol: 12, Issue: 4, Page 409-417) - 2009

"Myofibroblasts in pulmonary and brain metastases of alveolar soft-part sarcoma: A novel target for treatment?," Neoplasia (Vol: 10, Issue: 9, Page 940-948) - 2008


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