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Dr. Lewy, along with Robert Sack, M.D., have been investigating the use of melatonin as a treatment for circadian phase disorders, including those found in shift workers and blind people. "I take care of two types of patients, those who need light or melatonin treatment and those who need psychotherapy and other medications for psychiatric and sleep disorders," he said. His specialty is in body clock disorders, sleep disorders and depression and anxiety. He has been involved in clinical trials regarding winter depression and the treatment of totally blind people who have drifting circadian rhythms. Dr. Lewy is also investigating how a daily dose of melatonin can synchronize the sleep cycles of totally blind people who have no light perception.

Selected Publications

"Non-24-hour disorder in blind individuals revisited: Variability and the influence of environmental time cues," Sleep (Vol: 36, Issue: 7, Page 1091-1100) - 2013

"Circadian Function and Therapeutic Potential of Melatonin in Humans," Encyclopedia of Neuroscience ( Page 893-900) - 2010

"Clinical implications of the melatonin phase response curve," Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (Vol: 95, Issue: 7, Page 3158-3160) - 2010

"Depressive disorders may more commonly be related to circadian phase delays rather than advances: Time will tell," Sleep Medicine (Vol: 11, Issue: 2, Page 117-118) - 2010

"Rest-activity cycle and melatonin rhythm in blind free-runners have similar periods," Journal of Biological Rhythms (Vol: 25, Issue: 5, Page 381-384) - 2010


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