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Dr. Hayes-Lattin directs a consult service to provide medical, psychosocial and supportive care and research opportunities to any adolescent or young adult (patient aged 15-40) diagnosed with cancer. In addition, Dr. Hayes-Lattin's clinical interests are in the use of high-dose therapy, stem cell transplant and immunotherapy for the treatment of diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma and testicular cancer. Dr. Hayes-Lattin also performs clinical research in supportive care for patients with impaired immune function.

Summary of Current Research

Additional Special Interests:Adolescent and young adult oncology, use of high-dose therapy, bone marrow transplant and immunotherapy for the treatment of such diseases as leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma and testicular cancer. Dr. Hayes-Lattin is only accepting new AYA patients at this time.

Selected Publications

"Neuropeptide y and gamma-melanocyte stimulating hormone (γ-MSH) share a common pressor mechanism of action," Endocrine (Vol: 35, Issue: 3, Page 312-324) - 2009

"Brainstem raphe pallidus and the adjacent area contain a novel action site in the melanocortin circuitry regulating energy balance," Life Science Journal (Vol: 5, Issue: 3, Page 1-13) - 2008

"Role of the central melanocortin circuitry in adaptive thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue," Endocrinology (Vol: 148, Issue: 4, Page 1550-1560) - 2007

"Serotonin 5-hydroxytryptamine2c receptor signaling in hypothalamic proopiomelanocortin neurons: Role in energy homeostasis in females," Molecular Pharmacology (Vol: 72, Issue: 4, Page 885-896) - 2007

"Thermogenesis activated by central melanocortin signaling is dependent on neurons in the rostral raphe pallidus (rRPa) area," Brain Research (Vol: 1179, Issue: 1, Page 61-69) - 2007


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