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Dr. Bagby’s research focuses on elucidating he function of the Fanconi anemia gene products in maintaining hematopoietic stem cell function and on identifying the pathophysiological mechanisms of clonal evolution in acquired and inherited syndromes of bone marrow failure. His laboratory was the first to identify cytokine hypersensitivity in hematopoietic stem cells. Working with investigators in Cincinnati, Dr. Bagby has developed an in vitro method of forcing Fanconi stem cells to undergo clonal evolution to MDS. Using systems biology tools and methods of molecular biology and biochemistry, his laboratory has demonstrated that at least some of the Fanconi anemia proteins are multifunctional and that their role in sustaining hematopoiesis is unrelated to their role in protecting cells against genotoxic stress from chemical cross-linking agents. Dr. Bagby’s long-term goal is to develop drugs to prevent the development of leukemia in patients at high risk.

Selected Publications

"FANCA and FANCC modulate TLR and p38 MAPK-dependent expression of IL-1β in macrophages.," Blood (Vol: 122, Issue: 18, Page 3197-3205) - 2013

"The PI3K/Akt1 pathway enhances steady-state levels of FANCL," Molecular Biology of the Cell (Vol: 24, Issue: 16, Page 2582-2592) - 2013

"FANCL ubiquitinates β-catenin and enhances its nuclear function," Blood (Vol: 120, Issue: 2, Page 323-334) - 2012

"Immune response gene profiles in the term placenta depend upon maternal muscle mass," Reproductive Sciences (Vol: 19, Issue: 10, Page 1041-1056) - 2012

"p38 MAPK inhibition suppresses the TLR-hypersensitive phenotype in FANCC and FANCA-deficient mononuclear phagocytes," Blood (Vol: 119, Issue: 9, Page 1992-2002) - 2012


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