Mark Garzotto, M.D.

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Dr. Garzotto is a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He has published extensively on the development of risk-adapted models for use in clinical decision making when a PSA test is abnormally elevated. He specializes in the implementation of nerve-sparing techniques for the preservation of quality of life with special emphasis on maintaining erectile function.  He has extensive expertise in the use of surgery for the treatment of aggressive prostate cancer. These include the use of combination therapy prior to prostate removal. He has published extensively and is widely known for his work on the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer.


Selected Publications

""Not a Kidney or a Lung:" Research challenges in a network of safety net clinics," Family Medicine (Vol: 46, Issue: 2, Page 105-111) - 2014

"A view from Cheyenne Mountain: Generation III's perspective of Keystone III," Annals of Family Medicine (Vol: 12, Issue: 1, Page 75-78) - 2014

"Agreement of Medicaid claims and electronic health records for assessing preventive care quality among adults," Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association - 2014

"The changing world of family medicine: The new view from Cheyenne mountain," Annals of Family Medicine (Vol: 12, Issue: 1, Page 3-5) - 2014

"The future of family medicine version 2.0: Reflections from pisacano scholars," Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (Vol: 27, Issue: 1, Page 142-150) - 2014


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