Robert M Duvoisin, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications

"Diagnosis of occult melanoma using transient receptor potential melastatin 1 (TRPM1) autoantibody testing: A novel approach," Ophthalmology (Vol: 120, Issue: 12, Page 2560-2564) - 2013

"Differential modulation of retinal ganglion cell light responses by orthosteric and allosteric metabotropic glutamate receptor 8 compounds," Neuropharmacology (Vol: 67, Page 88-94) - 2013

"Related functions of mGlu4 and mGlu8," Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior (Vol: 111, Page 11-16) - 2013

"Role of mGluR4 in acquisition of fear learning and memory," Neuropharmacology (Vol: 66, Page 365-372) - 2013

"Serum TRPM1 Autoantibodies from Melanoma Associated Retinopathy Patients Enter Retinal ON-Bipolar Cells and Attenuate the Electroretinogram in Mice," PLoS ONE (Vol: 8, Issue: 8, ) - 2013



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