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Summary of Current Research

Current research focuses on effects of cancer and cancer treatment on survivors, particularly persistent symptoms related to treatment in long-term survivors. As principal investigator and co-investigator, I have conducted several intervention trials and descriptive studies to assess the effect of physical exercise on relieving symptoms, especially fatigue, in long-term cancer survivors, the perception of symptoms in families and lung cancer patients, the effect of cancer on work and income, the effect of neuropathy on balance, and other topics. Earlier research was in maintaining physical functioning in older adults, including intervention studies to promote exercise in rural adults in Oregon. A continuing interest is the validity of measurement of physical functioning, physical activity, and quality of life in persons with chronic health conditions, including cancer.

Selected Publications

"Resistance training reduces disability in prostate cancer survivors on androgen deprivation therapy: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial," Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Vol: 96, Issue: 1, Page 7-14) - 2015

"Measuring activity levels associated with rehabilitative care in hospitalized older adults," Geriatric Nursing (Vol: 35, Issue: 2S, Page S3-S10) - 2014

"Musculoskeletal changes after 1 year of exercise in older breast cancer survivors," Journal of Cancer Survivorship (Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Page 304-311) - 2014

"Patterns and predictors of symptom incongruence in older couples coping with prostate cancer," Supportive Care in Cancer (Vol: 22, Issue: 5, Page 1341-1348) - 2014

"Skeletal response to resistance and impact training in prostate cancer survivors," Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (Vol: 46, Issue: 8, Page 1482-1488) - 2014



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