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Bone fragility and quality of life in cancer survivors is the focus of my research. Our research has shown that breast cancer survivors have poorer bone health and fall more compare to women who have not been treated for breast cancer and both factors contribute to an increased risk of fracture after cancer treatment. We are continuing to examine treatment related causes of falls in breast cancer survivors to better develop interventions that reduce fall risk. In addition to breast cancer, prostate cancer survivors may be at higher fracture risk due to bone and muscle destroying treatments. A major focus of our research is testing the ability of a specific exercise intervention that we developed in non-cancer populations to reduce fracture risk and improve quality of life in breast and prostate cancer survivors. Beyond fracture risk, the intersection of aging and cancer treatment can increase the risk of frailty and loss of independence in older cancer survivors. Exercise may prevent frailty development, and determining the optimal type and amount of exercise to do so is the focus of another intervention study in older breast cancer survivors. The next step for our research is to translate our findings into evidence-based programs that can be disseminated and broadly implemented in the greater cancer survivor community, including innovative programs that can reach frail elders and rural adults.

Selected Publications

"Resistance training reduces disability in prostate cancer survivors on androgen deprivation therapy: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial," Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Vol: 96, Issue: 1, Page 7-14) - 2015

"Attention to principles of exercise training: A review of exercise studies for survivors of cancers other than breast," British Journal of Sports Medicine (Vol: 48, Issue: 12, Page 987-995) - 2014

"Influence of weight training on skeletal health of breast cancer survivors with or at risk for breast cancer-related lymphedema," Journal of Cancer Survivorship (Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Page 260-268) - 2014

"Measuring activity levels associated with rehabilitative care in hospitalized older adults," Geriatric Nursing (Vol: 35, Issue: 2S, Page S3-S10) - 2014

"Musculoskeletal changes after 1 year of exercise in older breast cancer survivors," Journal of Cancer Survivorship (Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Page 304-311) - 2014


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