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Dr. Erten-Lyons is Assistant Professor of Neurology at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Erten-Lyons' research focuses on understanding why some individuals age with minimal or no cognitive decline. She is interested in identifying genes which affect brain morphology and function in late life, and the role genetics plays in cognitive reserve.  She has received research support from the Veterans Affairs, the Alzheimer's Association and the Medical Research Foundation of Oregon.

Selected Publications

"Neuropathologic basis of age-associated brain atrophy," JAMA Neurology (Vol: 70, Issue: 5, Page 616-622) - 2013

"Neuropathologic basis of white matter hyperintensity accumulation with advanced age," Neurology (Vol: 81, Issue: 11, Page 977-983) - 2013

"Review of selected databases of longitudinal aging studies," Alzheimer's and Dementia (Vol: 8, Issue: 6, Page 584-589) - 2012

"Trajectory of white matter hyperintensity burden preceding mild cognitive impairment," Neurology (Vol: 79, Issue: 8, Page 741-747) - 2012

"Alzheimer disease pathology in cognitively healthy elderly: A genome-wide study," Neurobiology of Aging (Vol: 32, Issue: 12, Page 2113-2122) - 2011


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