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Dr. Gonzales has been researching pharmacologic and behavioral interventions for nicotine dependence treatment and providing treatment to smokers since 1988. He has conducted clinical trials of pharmacotherapies such as nicotine replacement, bupropion, rimonabant, dopamine receptor antagonists, a nicotine vaccine and varenicline. Much of his work has focused on translating leading edge research findings into clinical practice through professional education and community training programs. He has investigated smoking and quitting patterns, pharmacology use and re-use patterns, gender response to interventions, abstinence/smoking effects in patients with COPD and spirituality as an aid to abstinence for smokers. He provides smoking cessation consultation for patients at OHSU Hospital as well as to national, state and local tobacco control programs, the National Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network, Native American and Alaskan Native Area Health Boards and Native American tribal health clinics throughout the United States. He conducts professional education programs for health care, mental health and pharmacy professionals in a variety of academic and community settings in the United States and internationally.

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American Psychological Association Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco The Society of Behavioral Medicine American Counseling Association