David Kabat, Ph.D.

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Selected Publications

"Reversible and efficient activation of HIV-1 cell entry by a tyrosine-sulfated peptide dissects endocytic entry and inhibitor mechanisms," Journal of Virology (Vol: 88, Issue: 8, Page 4304-4318) - 2014

"RRE-dependent HIV-1 Env RNA effects on Gag protein expression, assembly and release," Virology (Vol: 462-463, Issue: 1, Page 126-134) - 2014

"Kinetic mechanism for HIV-1 neutralization by antibody 2G12 entails reversible glycan binding that slows cell entry," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Vol: 109, Issue: 20, Page 7829-7834) - 2012

"Rapid dissociation of HIV-1 from cultured cells severely limits infectivity assays, causes the inactivation ascribed to entry inhibitors, and masks the inherently high level of infectivity of virions," Journal of Virology (Vol: 84, Issue: 6, Page 3106-3110) - 2010

"Evidence that ecotropic murine leukemia virus contamination in TZM-bl cells does not affect the outcome of neutralizing antibody assays with human immunodeficiency virus type 1," Journal of Virology (Vol: 83, Issue: 16, Page 8289-8292) - 2009



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