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Dr. Cereghino is pleased to see patients for consult but is not taking new patients for ongoing care. Dr. Cereghino`s special interests include epilepsy and clinical antiepileptic drug testing. He is the former NIH, NINDS Epilepsy Branch Chief, and the current supplements editor and Editor Emeritus of Epilepsia. He is also the past president of the American Epilepsy Society, as well as the past president of the Epilepsy Foundation of Oregon.

Selected Publications

"The major advances in epilepsy in the 20th century and what we can expect (hope for) in the future," Epilepsia (Vol: 50, Issue: 3, Page 351-357) - 2009

"Identification and treatment of acute repetitive seizures in children and adults," Current Treatment Options in Neurology (Vol: 9, Issue: 4, Page 249-255) - 2007

"Rectal diazepam gel for treatment of acute repetitive seizures in adults," Archives of Neurology (Vol: 59, Issue: 12, Page 1915-1920) - 2002

"Effect of levetiracetam on epilepsy-related quality of life," Epilepsia (Vol: 41, Issue: 7, Page 868-874) - 2000

"Levetiracetam for partial seizures: Results of a double-blind, randomized clinical trial," Neurology (Vol: 55, Issue: 2, Page 236-242) - 2000


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