Thank you for visiting the OHSU Transgenic Facility web site.  We are currently updating material on our site.  Over the next few weeks you will see many changes.  Please bear with us, and visit our site often for the most up to date information!

The OHSU Transgenic Mouse Model Shared Resource has been re-established to provide local access to reproductive technology to the research community at OHSU.  Since its re-conception in 2007, researchers can now take advantage of a full spectrum of services.

The Transgenic Core is located in the Biomedical Research Building in order to take advantage of the new pathogen-free barrier animal facility.  Currently, the transgenic facility is generating transgenic and knock-out mice, cryopreserving mouse embryos as well as performing various other services.  We are available for consultations and providing letters of support to investigators.

Transgenic Mouse Model Core Informational Flyer