-$65.56/hour for staff time, including bench work, data analysis, etc.

-$25.11/hour to $33.38/hour for analysis time on a Mass Spectrometer. Rates vary slightly from instrument to instrument, with the older instruments being cheaper and newer instruments costing more.

-Cost of supplies for specialized procedures

Identification of proteins in a single LC/MS analysis (including preparation of the digest) costs about $350. The cost of a large scale two-dimensional lchromatography

Below are a few example billings for common projects. Please note that no two analyses are the same and your costs may vary from what is in the examples. They are intended to provide some basic guidance when planning an experiment. If you would like a more firm cost estimate for your project please contact PSR and we can meet with you to prepare a quote.

Simple protein ID from gel

10 protein ID samples from gel

Co-IP processing and analysis

Mid-scale protein ID experiment

Large-scale protein ID experiment

The cost per sample goes down significantly as the number of samples increases. This is because certain processes, such as trypsin digests and data analysis, can be done in batches without adding much to the total staff time. Additional analyses such as PTM localization will usually require an extra 2-8 hours of staff time to process the data. The amount of work depends heavily on the nature of the PTM(s) being sought, and the number of potential sites found.

Initial consultation on a project with PSR is recommended to avoid problems arising in the sample preparation process. Mass Spectrometers are highly sensitive instruments and require very clean samples to give the best results. The fee for hourly staff time is waived for the initial consultation(s) to encourage coordination with PSR. Also, a list of some recommended procedures can be found in the "Procedures and Downloads" section of the website. After consulting with PSR some of these procedures can be done in your laboratory using either your own reagents or some of ours. We can work with you to help you learn these procedures saving you money on future experiments done through PSR.