Oversight Committee Function

Program Manager, University Shared Resources

The Program Manager will lead the oversight, evaluation, and long-range planning of University Shared Resources and serves as the central contact for shared resources at OHSU. The Program Manager serves as a liaison for fiscal issues between research cores and Central Financial Services, working closely with the RDA Director of Finance. The Program Manager will serve as an advocate for University Shared Resources within both the university and the community and will guide decisions regarding the maintenance of current research cores, the establishment of new core services, and submission of grants for shared instrumentation. The Program Manager works in close collaboration with the Core Oversight Committee and Core Directors on decisions regarding maintenance, establishment, and fiscal support of University Shared Resources. The Program Manager reports directly to the Finance Director, who reports to the Vice President for Research.

Core Oversight Committee

The Core Oversight Committee is the deliberative body that assists and advises the Program Manager in the development of policies regarding University Shared Resources. The Committee will conduct annual evaluations of current core facilities. Annual evaluations will ensure that cores meet both scientific and fiscal expectations and continue to add value to the OHSU research community. The Oversight Committee may recommend closure of Shared Resources that do not meet established goals, and may advise investment in new instrumentation and/or new core services that are deemed of sufficient value to the scientific community. The Oversight Committee will also assist in decisions regarding financial support of shared resources. Final decisions regarding closure or establishment of University Shared Resources rest with the Vice President for Research. 

The Core Oversight Committee includes membership as follows: the Program Manager of University Shared Resources; major users of OHSU Core facilities; at least one departmental chair or institute director who provides ongoing support for university shared resources; one at-large OHSU faculty member and one current member of the OHSU Research Council. The RDA Director of Finance and one representative from OHSU Corporate Financial Services are non-voting members of the Core Oversight Committee. Members will serve a two-year term and will rotate off such that there is sufficient continuity between years (no more than one-third of membership rotating off in a single year). Additional ad hoc members may be added as needed for temporary terms or special assignments. 

The Chair of the Core Oversight Committee and the Program Manager of University Shared Resources will submit an annual report to the OHSU Research Council.

Oversight Committee Members 2014






Andy Chitty

University Shared Resources

Program Manager


David Dawson

Physiology and Pharmacology

Professor & Chair


Paul Flint


Professor & Chair


Bob Hitzemann

Behavioral Neuroscience

Department Chair


Kathryn Schuff


Associate Professor of Medicine


Kristin Bialobok

Knight Cancer Institute

Associate Director of Administration


Peter Gillespie


Professor of Otolaryngology


Gary Thomas

Vollum Senior Scientist thomasg@ohsu.edu

Eliot Spindel

Primate Center Senior Scientist, Associate Professor spindele@ohsu.edu

Matt Thayer

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor thayerm@ohsu.edu

Jonathan Lindner

Cardiovascular Medicine Professor, Cardiology lindnerj@ohsu.edu

Charles Roberts

Primate Center

Associate Director for Research


Ex-Officio Members

Steven Cofield

Central Financial Services