Claudia López, PhD


Claudia López PhD, Manager of the Multiscale Microscopy Core and Research Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department, operationally oversees the MMC. Dr. López has extensive experience with EM research including Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Dual-Beam applications (FIB-SEM). Her formal training is in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology and she has worked in the biochemistry-biophysics and microbiology fields for the past 20 years. Her expertise includes the analysis of both biological (cells, viruses, bacteria, particles and tissues) and non-biological materials (hard materials and fabrics) by TEM, SEM and FIB-SEM and she has routinely performed sample preparation (conventional and cryo-processing), EM imaging and image analysis. Over the past two years she has maintained a close working relationship with FEI Company, which provided her access and training on state-of-the art electron microscopes and novel imaging techniques. As part of her research Dr. López is currently developing CLEM techniques for cell culture and tissue sections both for 2D and 3D electron microscopy.  Dr. López is responsible for all day-to-day operations in the MMC, including instrument maintenance and overseeing a part-time technician (Melissa Williams); meeting with investigators to advise, plan and schedule new experiments; providing sample preparation and imaging services; training users; distributing data; explaining results, and billing for services.

Chris Arthur, PhD

Chris Arthur, PhD

Dr. Arthur is the on-site FEI Senior Research Scientist.  His research specialties are in cryo transmission electron microscopy. He has extensive experience in cryo EM specimen prep for single particle analysis, helical crystallization and analysis, 2D crystallography, and electron tomography. Dr. Arthur's graduate work involved the study of synaptic vesicle recycling in cultured hippocampal neurons using transmission and cryo transmission electron microscopy.

Melissa Williams, MS

Melissa Williams has over 18 years of experience as an electron microscopy technician, in part helping to establish an electron microscopy facility at Max-Planck-Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie. More recently, Ms. Williams worked as an electron microscopy assistant for both the Immuno EM Core and the Department of Pathology at OHSU before joining the laboratory of Dr. Joe Gray and MMC. In her current position, she has the dual role of supporting EM research conducted in the Gray Lab, as well as supporting MMC facility and Knight Investigators. Ms. Williams has a strong background in standard and microwave assisted sample preparation techniques as well as TEM and SEM imaging. Ms. Williams assists Dr. López in guiding MMC facility users on all parts of EM workflow, from specimen preparation to ultramicrotomy to imaging.