In Vivo Optical Imaging Center

The in vivo optical imaging center (IOIC) is an instrument resource for OHSU affiliated researchers to detect fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters in small animals.

What We Do

Optical imaging in living animals is increasingly used to evaluate biologic processes and biodistribution of therapeutic agents.  The in vivo optical imaging center (IOIC) was established to provide researchers at OHSU with the equipment and instruction needed for biophotonic detection of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters or probes in anesthetized small animals (e.g. mice, rats, etc). 

The IOIC houses an IVIS Spectrum (Caliper Life Sciences) optical imaging camera system.  This system includes high-efficiency spectral filters, an integrated small animal anesthesia system, and software for photon density quantitation and 3-D tomography.  Common uses of the system include spatial assessment of gene expression patterns, cell tracking, and disease monitoring with optical probes.

Director of the IOIC

Jonathan R. Lindner, MD
Cardiovascular Division, UHN-62