Test Array Service

The Test Array service option utilizes the Affymetrix GeneChip® Test3 Array, which is a cost-effective, proof-of-principle approach to determining the quality of a labeled target prior to its analysis on the GeneChip expression arrays.  This array contains probe sets from various organisms, including mammals, plants, and eubacteria as well as human and mouse housekeeping genes that are shown to be expressed early in fetal development through adulthood.  Running a test assay may be advisable if the input samples are of questionable quality or potentially unamenable to standard assays.  Contact the Core Director for consultation.
Test Array Service and Per Sample Pricing:

RNA/DNA Sample Quality Assessment
$8 (Recommended but not required)
Amplification and Labeling*
Array and all Array Processing

*Price varies by specific labeling method selected.

A complete test array assessment is shipped upon test assay completion.  If raw/processed array data files are desired, a $50/sample data management fee applies.  

If the sample performs well, generally there is no need to relabel the sample prior to hybridizing it to the genome-wide 3' IVT array selected for the project.

Due to the experimental nature of microarray projects, samples may fail or need to be reprocessed.  When this happens, the core will inform you if additional charges are incurred.

All prices quoted on this website reflect OHSU investigator/affiliate pricing.  The Affymetrix Microarray Core accepts projects from non-OHSU investigators from both non-profit and commercial organizations.  A 15% service surcharge exists for non-affiliated academic/non-profit customers.  For pricing information applicable to commercial organizations, contact the Core Director.