Canine Arrays
available platforms for canine samples

GMSR Mouse Arrays
available platforms for Mouse

Human Arrays
available platforms for human samples

Rat Arrays
available platforms for rat samples

rhesus arrays
available platforms for rhesus samples

How to deliver samples to the Affymetrix Microarray Core?
These instructions are specific for OHSU Investigators. Samples should only be delivered to the core after the two-step project application form/sample submission form process is complete.

How to label and package sample tubes for delivery?
Please use the following guidelines when preparing to deliver your samples to the core. Failure to follow these instructions will result in the delay or rejection of your submission.

How to make sense of the Affymetrix Microarray Core hybridization names?
Need help understanding hybridization names? This links to information about how the core names hybridizations and why the schema is used.

How to properly name a sample for submission?
Software programs in use in the core lab have limitations on character types and number for sample name fields, therefore the core asks investigators to strictly follow the following set of rules when entering the names of project samples for submission.

What are the recommendations for RNA isolation for expression profiling?
Labeled cRNA targets are prepared in the AMC laboratory from either total RNA or purified polyA+ mRNA provided by the investigator. Affymetrix has found that results obtained from either total RNA or polyA+ RNA are similar but not identical.

What are the sample quantity requirements for the various array assays?
Sample quantity requirements vary by assay and amounts indicated include sufficient material for RNA quantification and quality assessment, as well as the amount needed for the target labeling protocol.

What are the sample submission guidelines for expression profiling projects?
When submitting samples, RNA should be in an RNAse, DNAse-free microcentrifuge tube and in aqueous solution, preferably nuclease-free water.