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Complete Array Service Pricing Structure

The cost of running an RNA or DNA sample through the Microarray Core is broken down into five main categories:  

Complete Array Service and Per Sample Pricing:

RNA/DNA Sample Quality Assessment (Recommended but not required) $10 plus $42 per group of 10 or fewer samples
Sample Amplification and Labeling:  mRNA*
Sample Amplification and Labeling:  microRNA $100 ($75 for high throughput)
Arrays including handling and storage
Array Hybridization, Processing & Assay QC
Data Preparation and Management

*Price varies by specific labeling method  and array type selected. Reduced pricing available for batch processing of 24 or more samples.

Optional RNA/DNA Processing Service: Assistance with determining RNA/DNA concentration, sample clean-up and sample concentration is available through the core lab for an additional fee (contact Core Director for details).  

Due to the experimental nature of microarray projects, samples may fail or need to be reprocessed.  When this happens, the core will inform you if additional charges are necessary.

All prices quoted on this website reflect OHSU investigator/affiliate pricing.  The Core accepts projects from non-OHSU investigators from both non-profit and commercial organizations.  A 15% service surcharge will be applied for non-affiliated academic/non-profit customers and for all projects not paid for through an OHSU administered grant or account.  For services and pricing available to commercial organizations, contact the Core Director.

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