1. Contact an operator to discuss your flow cytometry needs, experimental detail and the type of data you plan to obtain. They will help you choose the right analytical instrument or sorter for your experiments.
  2. Fill out the form on the CORES page and wait for approval.
  3. Once you obtain approval and are entered into the system, you can access schedules at http://coresprod.ohsu.edu. From here you can schedule appointments for sorting or training with an operator.
  4. Once you have training on an analyzer, you can use the calendar to schedule your unassisted appointments.


  • If you are training, sorting or want an operator to run your samples for analysis, you can request an assistant when scheduling. Scheduling a sorter will require an assistant. After you select the assistant, you must REFRESH the calendar so that it reflects the availability of both the assistant and the instrument.
  • Make sure to select "SASST - Sorter Assistance" from the Assistant Resource -> Description if you are sorting. This will avoid an additional $40 an hour charge!
  • All sorts and operator assisted requests are not official until reviewed and confirmed by the assistant. Please expedite our review by including sorting instructions in the "Comments" area of your request form. This will include nozzle size, cell type and the fluorescent colors you will want to view.
  • If you wish to access CORES off campus, you will need to use an internet browser through Citrix. More info on Citrix can be found on the OHSU ITG website.