Flow Cytometry Core Fee Structure

Hourly Rate
LSR II analysis 8-color analysis $60*
MACSQuant analysis 7-color, 96-well analysis $60*
Canto II analysis 7-color analysis w/ near UV $60*
Fortessa analysis 15-color analysis $64*
CyTOF analysis 40+ marker analysis Mass Cytometer $100*
Training Analyzer Training (2 hrs)


2 Instrument hrs + 2 Assist hrs
Analyzer Assistance Additional Fee for Operator Assistance $50
Vantage/InFlux sorting** Cell sorting with Operator $110
Luminex Protein Analysis $200
AutoMACS Pro Separation Magnetic Cell Enrichment $40/separation
Vi-CELL Cell counter/Viability $5/sample

FCS Express software

Annual unlimited lab use $261 Annual Fee
Flow Jo Software Annual License per Computer $261 Annual Fee
Workstation Data analysis on core workstations




* A 20% afterhours discount is applied to this instrument between 5pm and 9am.
** A $75 set up fee is applied to each sort appointment for set up, alignment and sterilization.

Cancellation Policy:

Instruments by the hour are reserved using the iLab online scheduling system. To gain access to iLab, please contact FCSR lab manager Miranda Gilchrist. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis and must include an active alias. Resource users may cancel any time prior to a reservation. However, cancellations within 24 hours prior to reservation will be charged 25 percent of the total reservation cost.  Sorting reservations are final once the scheduler receives e-mail confirmation from the requested assistant.