Consulting Projects

Examples of small consulting projects since 2007:

  • Mark  Zornow, Anesthesiology.  Post-surgery apnea prevention device.  I helped Dr. Zornow with advice on patent procedure and contacts with the OHSU Technology Transfer group.  We are now developing a prototype (sensor interface to computer, control software).

  • MRI compatible subject response box.  Advanced Imaging Research Center (Mathew Snodgrass, Mike Nettleingham).   I designed a custom printed circuit board and improved the circuit design for subject response box to operate in an MRI environment.  Commercial alternatives were a poor match:  more expensive and too delicate.  The circuit board is shown below before assembly.mRI_response_box

  • Emergency  repair to custom research electronics.  Mary Heinricher, Neurosurgery.  Two out of three control boxes for animal studies had intermittent failures in closed-loop control.  I analyzed the circuitry, diagnosed several obscure problems and repaired the boxes.  This allowed the lab studies to continue at full productivity.  I will redesign the control boxes for Dr. Heinricher with custom printed circuit boards for improved reliability.
  • Emergency repair to mass spectrometer controller, essential for funded research project.  Lorne Isabelle, OGI/EBS.
  • Sensor repair and redesign for cryostat, essential for funded research project.  Pierre Moenne-Loccoz, OGI/EBS.
  • Consulting to Dr. Jon Jarvis (OHSU intern) on emergency room saline infusion equipment ideas, including patent possibilities.
  • Throat microphone interface for Alex Kain OGI/CSLU.  I analyzed a commercial throat microphone then designed and fabricated an amplifier adapter so Alex could evaluate the microphone for a research concept and proposal.
  • Mouse foot-slip ataxia sensor for John Crabbe, Andy Cameron, Portland Alcohol Research Center, OHSU Department of Behavioral Neuroscience.  Commercial alternatives were more expensive and did not match needs as well as the custom design we are developing.  It will be used in a pilot study for proposal development for alcoholic treatment studies.  Shown below is a similar social choice box for rat studies of post-traumatic stress syndrome that I designed and built in 2006 for Melanie Paquette (OHSU Behavioral Neuroscience and VA).  It uses industrial photocells and a USB interface box to record behavioral patterns.
  • Load cell – computer interface for instrumenting a bed at the OHSU sleep center.  Tamara Hayes, Zach Beattie, BME.  This was a rush project to get pilot data for a proposal.  I designed the low noise electronics, board layout and digitizer interface.  BME graduate student Zach Beattie fabricated the electronics in my lab.  It has load cells (fast responding weight sensors) for each of the 6 bed legs, custom electronics and USB output for logging to a PC.  We expect to observe not only normal bed motion during sleep but also resolve respiration and possibly heart beats.
    Instrumentation for bed at OHSU Sleep Center:  Six load cells with custom interface box. Closeup of the interface box electronics:  low-noise preamps, 4 pole antialiasing filters, 16 bit digitizer, USB output to laptop.